Lee Albert

Lee Albert, NMT, is a national presenter and a popular neuromuscular therapist and yoga instructor at Kripalu. Dedicated to helping people help themselves, Lee created, practices, and teaches Integrated Positional Therapy—protocols to reduce and often eliminate chronic pain. He is author of the best-selling Live Pain Free: Eliminate Chronic Pain without Drugs or Surgery and Yoga for Pain Relief: A New Approach to an Ancient Practice, which won the 2018 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award in Health & Fitness. As a pain specialist, Lee was featured in the PBS special 3 Steps to Pain Free Living and his new show, Joyful Pain Free Living, is to be released in 2021. Lee is trained in neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, positional therapy, yoga therapy, and myofascial release and has conducted seminars with thousands of people from all over the world, helping individuals from every walk of life become pain free.

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Positional Therapy achieves its benefits by means of an automatic resetting of muscle spindles. Relief can be immediate and long lasting. These techniques are effective in the treatment of pain due to injury, stress, repetitive strain, postural distortion, and chronic neuromuscular conditions. 
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