Linda Trichter Metcalf

Linda Trichter Metcalf, PhD, author and teacher, created the practice of Proprioceptive Writing® (PW) in the mid-1970s and is coauthor of Writing the Mind Alive. Founder of the PW Center, currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, she teaches PW, conducts PW therapy, and directs the PW teacher training program.

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  • Where Your Pen Lands

    I teach writing to clarify, deepen, and expand thinking. The demands and goals of this kind of writing are very different from those connected to writing for publication.

  • Writing the Mind Alive: Proprioceptive Writing to Access Your Inner Self

    For years, we kept a Gary Larson cartoon taped to the wall of our office at the Proprioceptive Writing Center in Maine. It showed half a dozen aardvarks seated comfortably in the animal self-help section of the library.