Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, is a clinical and research physiotherapist investigating pain in humans. He holds the University of South Australia’s inaugural chair in physiotherapy, and is a professor of clinical neurosciences. Lorimer leads the Body in Mind Research Group, based at the University of South Australia and at Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney. He is coauthor of Explain Pain and Explain Pain Supercharged: A Clinician’s Manual. Lorimer is also the chief editor of bodyinmind.org, an international web/social media presence in the clinical pain sciences. Lorimer has authored 270 articles and given more than 65 keynote talks at international meetings. He serves as strategic adviser to PAIN: The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain, and associate editor for the Journal of Pain, the European Journal of Pain, the Canadian Journal of Pain, and the British Journal of Sports Medicine. His most popular TEDx talk has had more than 315,000 views and his research group’s outreach articles and videos have been viewed more than two million times.

TEDxAdelaide - Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt