Mark Pirtle

Mark Pirtle is at the forefront of integral thinking in the mindfulness arena. A meditation teacher, public speaker, and filmmaker, Mark is the creator of Skillfully Aware®, a meditation and mindfulness program for stress relief. After earning his doctorate in physical therapy, he became interested in Buddhist psychology as it applies to healing stress-related illnesses. He has practiced Buddhism for nearly two decades and spent months in retreat in a Buddhist monastery. Mark developed the first-ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, an in-patient rehab hospital. Currently, he teaches for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program. He produced the documentary Is Your Story Making You Sick?

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Is Your Story Making You Sick? Trailer


  • What You Practice, You Become

    There are two forms of apathy that prevent a person from doing what is necessary to accomplishment their objectives, says Kripalu presenter Mark Pirtle. But, with effort and practice, health and happiness become real possibilities.

  • Commuting with Compassion: A Driving Meditation

    Does your stressful commute start you off on a bad foot each morning? This simple driving meditation from Kripalu presenter Mark Pirtle will set you up for a happy and productive day.