Michaelle Edwards


Michaelle Edwards, a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, and musician, is the creator of YogAlign and FitAlign Posture Trainings. Her 45-year study of yoga and movement began at age 18 under the mentorship of Swami Satchidananda, (Integral Yoga). She began to create YogAlign and FitAlign Posture Trainings in 1991 and has been referred to as a “posturologist” for her expertise in helping people get aligned, fit, and pain-free using safe, stable movements and exercises. Michaelle established the Kauai Yoga School in 2008 and conducts workshops and trainings in the United States and internationally. Michaelle has trained thousands of people using breath-based realignment techniques that are safe for any age or fitness level. She is also the author of YogAlign, Pain-free Yoga from your Inner Core, 2011 and has filmed numerous videos on her techniques.

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