Moun D'Simone

Moun D’Simone, a transformational coach, meditation, and yoga teacher, is dedicated to helping others restore their relationship with their bodies as a doorway into their hearts. Born in Brazil, she moved to the US at the age of 15, and after a decade of working at an international fashion magazine, she traveled to India and spent several years studying yoga, meditation, and Tibetan Buddhism. Moun is certified in hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, is a Mindful-Based Stress Reduction trainee, and also studied contemplative psychotherapy at Nalanda Institute in New York. Her early life struggles with anxiety, self-loathing, and an eating disorder have propelled her to explore the connection between mind, body, and heart for self-healing and transformation. She created a unique trauma-informed method based in meditation, yoga, breathwork, and contemplative psychotherapy. Some of her clients include Kripalu, NeueHouse, Maha Rose, Havas, RAMA Institute, Three Jewels, Sakara Life, and Wanderlust Hollywood.

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