The Nanapowe Drum Group

The Nanapowe Drum Group is a Native American spiritual drum group from the Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohicans residing currently in Wisconsin. They are a "southern-style" singing group that participates in social powwows only. They come together to support the spirituality and cultural purposes of Native American people. The word "nanapowe" is a Mohican word, a condensed version of "n’nanapowak utchi" (for my people).

The lead singer is Shawn Stevens (Mohican), the drum keeper is John DeNasha (Ojibwe), and the drum mother is Beverly Jacobs (of Cherokee descent). Other members include Jeremy Mohawk (Mohican), Jason Rosario (Mohican), Chris Stevens (Mohican), Gary Tousey (Mohican), Scott Stevens Sr. (Mohican), Darrin Church (Mohican), Jay DeNasha (Mohican), and Jacob DePerry (Ojibwe/Mohican). The women singers are Vicki Bowman (Mohican), Roxanne Mohawk (Luiseno), DeAnna DeNasha (Mohican), Lenore Shepard (Mohican), and Vanessa DeNasha (Mohican).