Nancy Hugo

Nancy Hugo has had the privilege of living among trees, writing about trees, and learning about trees for most of her life. As garden columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, education manager at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and writer for publications including Horticulture, Fine Gardening, and American Forests, she has been combining her love of the outdoors with her love of the written word for almost 40 years. Author of five books, including Seeing Trees and Trees Up Close, Nancy led the initiative to locate and celebrate Virginia’s oldest, most historic, and most interesting trees, a four-year project that resulted in the publication of Remarkable Trees of Virginia.


  • Seeing Trees

    For Nancy Hugo, getting to know a tree is like getting to know a human being—the more you know, the more the relationship deepens, and a person’s (or a tree’s) capacity to surprise you never ends.

  • Four Things You Might Not Know About Trees

    “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky,” wrote the poet Khalil Gibran. But they are so much more than that.