Neal Mayerson

Neal H. Mayerson, PhD, worked as a psychotherapist in hospital, community mental-health, and private practice settings for 15 years, with specialties in chronic pain and eating disorders. In 1999, he created the VIA Institute on Character, whose surveys and classification of character strengths are considered to be among the most important outputs in Positive Psychology. VIA’s work has spawned hundreds of scientific articles and helped millions of people worldwide discover their character strengths and how to use them to improve their lives and the lives of others. Neal was founder of Hummingbird Coaching Services, pioneering online coaching services, and Mayerson Academy, a non-profit specializing in professional development of K–12 educators. He is president of the Mayerson Family Foundations and president of the Mayerson Company. Neal produced the award-winning CD Hidden Treasures: A Tribute to King Records, and helped establish hand sanitizers as a product category by introducing the Purell brand.