Panache Desai

Panache Desai, best-selling author of Discovering Your Soul Signature, is a business and life catalyst who has been using energetic transformation to positively change the lives of countless people around the globe for more than 10 years. Panache has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her wildly popular Super Soul Sunday, and he has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, the Huffington Post, the Good Life Project, and countless other media outlets. Panache has helped entertainers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people up-level their lives, allowing them to reach astonishing heights of personal and professional success. He creates strategies designed to help people master relationships, health, and finances, which allows them to live a life that is truly without limits. His new book is forthcoming in the fall of 2019.

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  • Discovering Your Soul Signature

    We do not choose the work we are brought into this lifetime to do. That work is your soul signature—your unique expression.

  • Just Breathe

    I’ve been interviewing healers and spiritual teachers for a while now, and when I ask them how to live a healthier and happier life, many offer the same answer: Meditate.

  • Kripalu Perspectives: Feel the Vibration with Panache Desai

    Panache Desai defines vibrational transformation, and explains why we're all infinite beings with infinite possibilities.