Patricia (Niti) Seip Martin

Patricia (Niti) Seip Martin is a professional yoga and dance teacher, a photographer, and an avid walker/hiker. Niti has studied with Swami Kripalu, Amrit Desai, and extraordinary colleagues at Kripalu, where she taught yoga programs for nine years. She is a certified teacher of Kripalu Yoga (500-hour), Integrative Yoga Therapy, and Let Your Yoga Dance®. Niti has taught yoga for 20 years at Canyon Ranch and is program leader of The Healing Art of Yoga for Ongoing Cancer Recovery at CHD-Cancer House of Hope. She leads a variety of yoga-based wellness programs in western Massachusetts.


  • Chandra Namaskar: Honoring the Moon Salute

    This restorative sequence can be done at any time of day, and is especially comforting in the evening as a way to wind down and get ready for a restful night’s sleep.