Paul Denniston

Paul Denniston created Grief Yoga in the midst of a devastating breakup. He teaches Grief Yoga to groups dealing with all kinds of loss, including addiction, betrayal, and healing after a breakup or divorce. A student of yoga for 18 years, Paul began teaching students as well as coaching other yoga teachers. He is certified in hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, and Laughter Yoga, and has also taught movement at the Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood. His DVD, Grief Yoga: Moving into Empowerment, quickly became a best-seller. His second DVD, due out in 2017, is a special yoga ritual for healing after a breakup, divorce, or betrayal.

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  • Healing Grief After a Breakup

    Paul Denniston spent years running away from heartbreak. But yoga taught him that surrendering to grief was the path to healing.

  • Healing a Broken Heart

    Nine years ago, my marriage ended. I’d spent 18 years with my now ex-husband. He was the foundation of my life and my very best friend.