Ramdesh Kaur

Ramdesh Kaur, PhD, is a certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher who has taught wordwide. After a lifetime of feeling uncomfortable in her body, a yoga and meditation practice brought her healing, joy, and deep self-love. Ramdesh is author of The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders & Radical Self-Love, coauthor with Karan Khalsa of Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart, and has many best-selling guided meditation CDs that create deeply healing and accessible meditation experiences for all. She has hundreds of podcast episodes on mantra and spirituality on iTunes on her shows Spirit Voyage Radio and The Body Temple.


  • Dancing Your Way to Joy

    For many people who struggle with self-love, being present in their bodies is the last thing they want to do. But this gentle movement relaxation makes the body a peaceful place.