Roberta Kirn

Roberta Kirn is a song leader, percussionist, and dancer who has been leading community singing on Martha’s Vineyard and throughout the world for more than 20 years. She is the founder of BeWellSing, through which she brings singing in community to as many people as she can, helping to make singing together a part of everyday life for everyday people. Her most important teachers have been Ysaye Barnwell, Bobby McFerrin, and Nick Page. Roberta has traveled to Haiti, Africa, and Europe as part of her Song Exchange Project, teaching and collecting songs to share at home and wherever she travels.

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  • Singing Together, Just for the Joy of It

    So many people have been told when they were children that they couldn’t sing. But when we are invited to sing and can let go of the outcome, expressing what is in our hearts becomes the most important thing, says Roberta Kirn.