Russill Paul (Anirud Jaidev)

Russill Paul is an author, record producer, and educator who has been introducing the deeper dimensions of yoga to Western students for the past 25 years. Trained as a monk and yogi at an ashram in India, Russill has been initiated in the vedic, tantric, and bhakti lineages of India and has taught Indian spirituality in graduate and post-graduate programs and at leading spiritual centers worldwide.

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Upcoming Programs

Tapping The Authenticity of Yoga


  • Mantras, Creative Expression, and Healing

    What do the ear and the voice have to do with our health? A lot more than you would expect! Developing our ears and our voice in simple ways can have real and lasting effects on our health and happiness.

  • The Power of Kirtan

    As yoga becomes increasingly popular in the United States, the ancient practice of kirtan (KEER-tahn), or yogic chanting, is gaining interest.