Russill Paul (Anirud Jaidev)

Russill Paul is the producer of numerous best-selling mantra CDs and author of The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant. He has taught Indian spirituality in graduate and post-graduate programs and at leading spiritual centers worldwide. Trained as a monk and yogi at an ashram in India, Russill is a pioneering figure who has been introducing the deeper dimensions of yoga to Western students for the past 25 years, primarily through mantra and music. Each year, he takes a select group of students to study and practice mantra with him in India.

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  • Mantras, Creative Expression, and Healing

    What do the ear and the voice have to do with our health? A lot more than you would expect! Developing our ears and our voice in simple ways can have real and lasting effects on our health and happiness.

  • The Power of Kirtan

    As yoga becomes increasingly popular in the United States, the ancient practice of kirtan (KEER-tahn), or yogic chanting, is gaining interest.