Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka is an inspirational cultural visionary, acclaimed author of nine books, and an architect who describes herself first and foremost as a student of life. She became a household name in the world of home design with her Not So Big House series, but the true magic behind her life story is revealed in her landmark book The Not So Big Life, where she unveils the process by which she lives her own life—a process she is adept at sharing with everyone interested in more fully inhabiting their own life and realizing their full potential.


  • There’s No Time Like the Present

    It may look the same on the surface, but this moment, and every moment, is an entirely new universe, brimming with holiness. Being present is key.

  • The Key to Beginning Your Not So Big Life

    Sarah Susanka’s work is groundbreaking in more than one way. An architect and cultural visionary, she has developed a philosophy of sustainability, simplicity, and well-being that can be applied whether you’re designing a blueprint for your home, or a blueprint for your life. In this article, she describes the Year-End Review, a tool for creating greater awareness and helping you fulfill your desires.

  • Getting Out of Our Own Way

    I recently started working with a life coach. You know, those people who force you to get clear on your values, identify your goals, and then hold you...