Shamini Jain

Shamini Jain, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), a collaborative accelerator that forwards the science and practice of healing. She is also an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at UC San Diego, and a core member of the UCSD Center of Integrative Medicine. Shamini combines her background in clinical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, healing arts, and Jain spiritual wisdom to share with others how they can best heal themselves and live healthy, meaningful lives. She regularly teaches on the art and science of healing in diverse venues including NATO, TEDx, major universities, conferences, and hospitals. She also contributes as an author on these topics in online blogs including Huffington Post and the Times of India.

“Dr. Jain’s loving insight and powerful ability to articulate the science behind healing and well-being, made me realize that I truly have the power to change my life. I’ve made significant changes to my lifestyle that have greatly improved my health as a result. Thank you, Dr. Jain.” —Anonymous attendee, Society of International Business Fellows

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