Shannon Chada


Shannon Chada, known as Good Singing Woman or Mino Nagamowin Ikwe, embodies a holistic approach to life—intertwining culture, community, and nature in her path. As a spiritual mentor, teacher, and ceremony keeper, Shannon channels compassion and wisdom to support those around her on their journeys. Through her roles as an artist, singer, chanter, dancer, and drummer, she weaves together the threads of tradition and creativity, offering both healing and celebration through music and movement. 

Through her organization—Full Circle Harmony Ministry, Academy of Holistic and Spiritual Arts—Shannon provides a platform for individuals to explore and deepen their connection to spiritual practices and healing arts. With over 27 years of professional experience as a holistic practitioner, Shannon offers a rich array of modalities aimed at promoting healing and spiritual growth. From Reiki trainings and certifications to mentorships, aromatherapy, cranial sacral therapy, and yoga classes, Shannon's expertise spans a wide spectrum of holistic disciplines. Her work is a testament to the interconnectedness of all things, recognizing the inherent harmony between humanity and the natural world. 

Shannon's mission is to guide individuals inward, helping them to uncover their own positivity, passion, and purpose. With a focus on empowerment and spiritual growth, she equips others with the tools needed to navigate life's challenges and to tap into the transformative power of the heart. Central to Shannon's mission is the integration of culture, community, and nature into her work. By honoring her late father, "Many Hats" Jacobs, a Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican tribal member, Shannon ensures that the wisdom of her elders continues to inspire and guide future generations. 

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