Terry Roth Schaff

Terry Roth Schaff, E-RYT, is a certified IAYT yoga therapist who works with muscular/skeletal and neurological conditions. As director of yoga therapy at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, she developed therapeutic yoga sequences for people recovering from injuries and living with physical challenges. Known for her careful attention to the needs of her patients and for her good humor, Terry leads group yoga classes for people with neurological conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, and back pain. She also specializes in post-operative rehabilitation and geriatric problems and teaches yoga at Bard College. Her work has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today.

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  • Turning Point Q&A with Terry Roth Schaff

    Terry Schaff, E-RYT, works as a yoga therapist with Loren Fishman, developing therapeutic yoga protocols for people recovering from injuries and living with...