Yang Yang

Yang Yang, PhD, is recognized in the traditional tai chi and qigong community as a master practitioner and teacher. He is also an academic researcher interested in applying the highest standards of the Western scientific process to explore and promote evidence-based Eastern philosophy and wellness programs. Yang is author of the highly acclaimed book Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, the Science of Power, and in 2006 he was honored as the Qigong Master of the Year at the 9th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founder of the Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies and former researcher and instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, Yang has more than 30 years’ experience teaching tai chi and qigong in China and the United States.

“Dr. Yang’s program has profoundly changed my life. His philosophy of life has opened up an entire world for me.” —Linda N., MD

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