Bringing Balance to Your Practice

The practice of yoga can help bring balance to our lives. We all have particular tendencies and patterns and, without awareness, these patterns can create imbalance. By becoming aware of our habitual tendencies—and consciously applying their opposites—we can release stuck patterns and bring body, mind, and spirit back into union.

Here are some polarities you can play with to bring balance into your yoga practice and into your life:

Strength and Flexibility. Rather than muscling your way into a pose, try to balance flexibility with strength.

Movement and Stillness. If you have a tendency toward flowing vinyasa, explore sustaining a pose to balance dynamic movement with grounding stillness.

Warming and Cooling. If you’re feeling overheated, a gentle, restorative, or Yin-style practice can help cultivate the qualities of coolness and calm.

Will and Surrender. Experiment with shifting awareness from thoughts, feelings, and sensations to witnessing higher states of wisdom, creativity, and intuition.

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