Strengthening Your Intuition Muscle

Intuitive abilities are often referred to as a gift, but I really don’t like that description. To me, the idea of someone having a “gift” conjures up an image of someone who is different or better than the rest of us, and I truly believe we are all born blessed with intuition.

Unfortunately, many of us are not encouraged to trust our intuition from a young age. Most people are taught to look outside of themselves for guidance in almost every area. Our intuitive glow fades every time we give our power away, until it becomes so faint we assume we don’t have any at all. But it is always there, an inherent part of our life force, waiting to be awakened.

While it is certainly beneficial to gain insight from experts, you should always listen to your own intuition when making a final decision on anything. Strong intuition is the result of putting in the time and effort required to connect to other people’s energy in a meaningful way. Having a psychic magically know your sister’s name may be exciting in a reading, but it is the insight they bring to your relationship that matters the most. If the information they receive rings true, use it for your benefit. If not, discard it and move forward. As my friend Alan Cohen says, “Take the best and leave the rest.” You have access to the same insight as any other person; it is just a matter of amplifying that inner voice.

For me, intuition manifests as color. Here’s a quick explanation of how I utilize color when doing a private session with a client: As soon as I hear the sound of someone’s voice, I start to see a glow (either physically around them or in my mind’s eye if I am on the phone). I believe that when I hear a person’s voice, I am seeing the color of their current energy, or, even deeper, the color of their soul. I explain what this color’s qualities are as a jumping-off point, and then I use my intuition to tap into how this color applies to my client’s specific life path.

Our intuitive abilities can be strengthened just like any other muscle. I teach workshops on seeing auras, and I have literally never had a participant leave without seeing color energy around another person. Commit to an exercise regimen, and anyone can get into their best personal shape.

Not many people hone their intuition because we are taught from an early age to seek advice from outside sources. If we think of intuition as a gift, then it is not something we actually have control over. It’s much easier to look outward for guidance, but in truth, the most accurate psychic reading you will ever receive can come from inside of you.

I think we are all gifted. Or more importantly, let’s replace the word gifted with connected. This magical planet we live on is surrounded by energy and blanketed in color messages from the universe. It would seem strange to me if only a select few of us were able to see, hear, or know that energy on a deeper level than anyone else.

To succeed as a doctor, lawyer, detective, investor, or in just about any other job, we must tap into our intuitive abilities. You may call your intuition a “feeling” or “hunch,” but for me, “being psychic” simply means that I have developed my intuitive muscles through practice and seeing thousands of clients. It’s sort of like the difference between someone who exercises twice a week and someone who is a personal trainer.

What if your own soul was the GPS you could use to consciously locate yourself in the universe and connect to all higher wisdom and understanding?

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Excerpted with permission from Your Life in Color: Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Color, ©2017 by Dougall Fraser.

Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized intuitive who specializes in interpreting the colors he sees around others. With more than 20 years of professional experience in seeing auras, Dougall demonstrates how color can be used to improve specific aspects of life.

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