Turning Point Q&A with Barbara Biziou

Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals, integrates her extensive knowledge of global spiritual practices, rituals, psychology, and business into her coaching and speaking practice. She is a Huffington Post blogger and has been featured in the New York Times, Oprah.com, PsychologyToday.com, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Describe what you do in 15 words or less.
I am a leading authority and master teacher of practical spirituality and global rituals.

Tell us about a turning point in your life.
The death of my sister at the age of 24 changed my life and made me realize the importance and power of spiritual practice and ritual. Many years later, during a silent retreat with my (then) teacher Brugh Joy, I discovered that I had a lot more grieving to do, and spontaneously created my first major rituals from this deep well of emotion and wisdom within me. Since that time, I have traveled the world studying with many indigenous cultures and teachers.

What do you love about teaching?
I am one of the global wisdom keepers responsible for translating spiritual traditions into practical terms in our world. I love giving simple guidance, tools, and inspiration, so that people walk away feeling empowered to create change in their lives. Each time I teach, I get to watch people light up and share their passion and uniqueness. I learn and feed off my students while creating a community of like-minded souls. I feel that we are weaving a basket of energy together that will support each one of us, and the planet.

What are you passionate about right now?
I am passionate about new discoveries in neuroscience that clearly show how our brains can continue to grow, learn, and change until the day we die. I am also passionate about the world’s progress in respecting the wisdom of other cultures.

What do you do in your downtime?
I love the beach, dancing, movies, and theater. I am inspired by a combination of nature, physical movement, and art, as well as the creative energy of downtown Manhattan, where I live.

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