Change—self-initiated or not—moves us through a transition zone which often creates a sense of groundlessness. It can be unsettling or even scary to be in this in-between state of letting go of the familiar to allow for something new to emerge. However challenging change may be, resisting necessary growth for too long eventually breaks you down, makes you sick, or, if you're lucky, just forces you forward ungracefully. Our very survival is based on our ability to continually change and flow forward.

No matter what the catalyst for change is—a new season, leaving or attaining a new job, moving, navigating a relationship shift, or simply aging—the only thing we know for sure is that change is the norm. In fact, according to yoga and Ayruveda, your health and vitality are dependent on your ability to change. Everything is truly in a constant state of change and what doesn't change will eventually lose its health and vitality.

Flowing through this groundless state takes skill, dedication, and courage. Yoga offers us tools and techniques to support us through change—even helping us embrace it. We learn to ground ourselves when we feel uprooted, and to be more fluid when we feel rigid.

So whether you're creating your own change or not, this video mini-series highlights short techniques to keep you from getting stuck. These are very simple tools that can be done in just a few minutes to help you stay grounded while you flow forward.

It takes a lot of support and dedication to continue flowing forward when it feels more comfortable to return to an old habit or more familiar way of being, so remember to practice self-care and self-appreciation along the way!


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“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”