Joyce T.

I’m more relaxed, peaceful, and open to new things than I have ever been.

Yoga gives me feelings of peace and a vital energy flow, and it is soothing for people who are hurting and looking for something to help them heal. My beautiful three-year-old granddaughter likes to do yoga with me. Her favorite pose is Downward Dog.

I first came to Kripalu in 2007 at a particularly difficult period in my life. I took a professional training program that I thought would be beneficial to me and to the people I worked with. The training was insightful, and I came away feeling very different.

While attending the program, I got to participate in yoga and meditation classes, and I knew, “Ah! This is what I’ve been looking for!” Yoga and meditation have opened me up to different aspects of myself and expanded the person I am. I discovered that I could use yoga and meditation for myself, to heal and stay grounded, and as an addition to my tool kit for my therapy practice. I’ve been practicing ever since.

I took a second professional program in January 2008 with a world-renowned trauma therapist. I learned how yoga can help to re-channel trauma in the brain. Yoga is an important link in working with people, even children who have been traumatized, helping them process the effects of trauma. In my therapy practice, I do some simple moves with my clients to introduce them to the benefits of yoga. I suggest trying a yoga DVD or attending a class. Even when my clients practice yoga and meditation inconsistently, it still helps them process their loss, eliminate negativity, grow, and get things into perspective.

The professional level of workshops at Kripalu is outstanding. They increase my knowledge, teach me skills, and add to my continuing education.

At Kripalu, I enjoy being near the water and walking around the grounds. And I love the food! Nutrition is important to me, and Kripalu supports that. When I get the monthly e-mail newsletter, I always look at the recipes. When the catalog arrives, I look at the recommended books for various courses.

I’m more relaxed, peaceful, and open to new things than I have ever been. And I’m very hopeful now about my life and the future.

—Joyce T., therapist, Dalton, Massachusetts