Kripalu Guest Stories

Kripalu attracts more than 40,000 people a year who seek a joyful, inclusive, and compassionate environment for wellness, learning, and retreat. Here are just a few inspiring stories of those who were touched by the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga at Kripalu.

The professional world needs feminine energy—the ability to be spontaneous and receptive.

Her generosity in a moment of crisis evolved into a lifelong commitment.

My trip to Kripalu helped me find self-love during the darkest time of my life.

My yoga therapy training at Kripalu helped me integrate my lives as a yoga teacher and a scientist into one.

Most people speak of how they found yoga, but yoga truly found me.

I went to Kripalu to celebrate life on my 30-year anniversary of being cancer free.

My time at Kripalu gave me the confidence to be authentically myself.

I gained the tools to be an effective yoga therapist, within a nurturing, supportive, non-competitive environment.

There are literally hundreds of yoga teacher trainings, but I knew exactly what I wanted.

I’ve spent the last decade learning how to heal, and this week took that to another level.

I felt such a strong sense of community in the training—we knew we were all there working together to do this.

When I left Kripalu, I was sure that life would sweep me away and bury the progress I had made. Boy, was I wrong!

We love to spend time on personal growth, and we love that we get to experience it together.

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training was exactly what I needed during the biggest transition of my life.

I am so grateful for the honor to teach so many students, and for the discipline to take care of myself first.

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. What I discovered is that the hardest thing about Kripalu is leaving.

Coming to Kripalu for the Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training was a dream come true.

This program opened me to the magic of nature, so the power of being able to share that is so much deeper.

There is an energy, intention, and welcoming spirit that emanates from everyone at Kripalu.

After I was diagnosed with PTSD, I found myself on the mat. I will never forget my first Kripalu Yoga class.

Kripalu changed my life.

At Kripalu, it’s not about how flexible I am; it’s about what I’m experiencing on and off the mat.

I came to Kripalu because I needed to get out of my rut and routine.

I plan to return to Kripalu to stay connected—for boosters and to support more new habits that I can sustain.

I come back from Kripalu such a happy person, at peace with things.

Kripalu has always helped me to relieve stress.

I learned so much from the wonderful faculty. I now have the tools to make small, but lasting changes.

Kripalu has changed how I think about health.

What I learned at Kripalu helped me listen to my body. It is very empowering to give myself what I need.

Each morning at Kripalu, I was welcomed and held as a soul, not just a body.

My entire well-being has been affected by yoga and Kripalu.

When I walked into the lobby with that incredible view of the lake and mountains, I was speechless.

Kripalu has shown me how to relax and get back in touch with myself.

At Kripalu, we create more time for each other, which helps us feel more connected.

I’m more relaxed, peaceful, and open to new things than I have ever been.

The teachers were truly amazing—passionate, inspiring, engaging, and genuine.

After my Kripalu experience, I felt rested and still. This feeling stayed with me long after my brief visit.

I learned from practicing Kripalu Yoga to start at my inner home. There’s a home everywhere you go.

Kripalu has encouraged me to open up to new experiences, to move into the unknown with more ease.

It feels so natural to change to a Kripalu way of eating and living.

I loved the yoga classes; I loved the healthy, egoless environment, the staff, the food, and the grounds.

I’ve learned to quiet that voice in the back of my head that limits me and holds me back.

My retreat didn’t just inspire me to live a healthful lifestyle; it gave me the tools I needed to attain it.

Kripalu came to town and brought me the gifts of dance, yoga, health—and the opportunity to do so much seva.

Kripalu gives me a safe place to explore my feelings.

To say that my life is changed would be an enormous understatement, and I can’t overstate my gratitude.

Their shared interest in yoga has opened up new shared experiences.

Yoga helped me understand that there’s another way to live.

I recommend Kripalu to everyone I know. Go and see how much better you can feel. You owe it to yourself.

The environment at Kripalu is unique. We were surrounded by people who had come together for the same purpose.

I have Kripalu to thank for challenging me and encouraging me to stick with yoga.

Kripalu is the thread of happiness that runs through my life.

Anyone who gives themselves the chance to see what yoga is about can get something positive out of it.

Being at Kripalu was a transformational experience.

Kripalu has been a cornerstone for me, a sanctuary. In finding Kripalu, I found a place of peace.

Kripalu helped me realize that the answer was already inside of me, waiting to be released.

I left Kripalu crying in appreciation for the magic of being alive.

My goal is to feel light and free—today, tomorrow, and into the future.

I’m so thankful for Kripalu for providing a space where I could discover what was truly important to me.

I look forward to visiting Kripalu again soon; there’s a magic there that’s hard to describe.

The Kripalu menu reminded me that fresh whole food, when done right, can be delicious and never dreary.

I felt like this was where I could find my true self, and it was so peaceful.

Yoga offers me a place of deep healing and a way to sustain a grounded life.

The teachings of Kripalu Yoga offered me another way to view my experience as it was happening.

What I’m learning at Kripalu is not only working for me, it’s making me a better doctor.

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training was the highlight of my life. The methodology at Kripalu truly makes you a teacher!

I’ve been able to go deeper into my connection with the earth, and it has lifted my spirit.

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