Tracey E.

I came to Kripalu because I needed to get out of my rut and routine.

I came to Kripalu because I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want a diet—I wanted a lifestyle change. I wanted to feel better about myself and be more active. I thought I was eating right: reduced-calorie and low-fat items, along with diet sodas. But the truth is that I was hungry, tired, and experiencing brain fog. I was getting older and starting to see relatives with major health issues. Reading Kripalu’s catalog, I was attracted to the Kripalu Approach to Diet: An Integrative Weight Loss Program.

I arrived hoping to lose 10 pounds, and I’ve lost 28 pounds slowly over the last year! When people ask me how I lost 28 pounds, I tell them that what’s worked for me was just changing small things every day. Just make simple changes that make you feel better, and you’re more likely to make better choices. My whole mind-set has become more positive. Having this success makes me want to do more.

I eat differently. I eat more whole foods and include healthy fats in my diet. I’ve discovered that if you eat the right combination of things and approach eating mindfully, you don’t need to count calories. I used to skip breakfast, but now I know it’s important to fire up my metabolism for the rest of the day. All of these things seem like simple changes now, and they were easy.

The program made so much sense. It gave me the framework and support to go home and do it on my own. I learned to take care of myself ahead of time, whether it’s taking dried fruit and almonds in the car or keeping healthy frozen foods in the freezer. I didn’t like to cook before, but I’m learning.

The guidance and positive support I found at Kripalu was exactly what I needed. It turns out that I’m a secret athlete! Two years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined liking spinning classes, skiing, and running a 5K to benefit a children’s shelter. Being at the race line with 500 people of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels was so inspirational.

I feel like there is this new fire in me. I came to Kripalu because I needed to get out of my rut and routine. It was not about a crash diet, it was about becoming a whole person.

—Tracy E., veterinarian, Granger, Indiana