Lin W.

Losing Weight, Gaining Consciousness
Kripalu has been a cornerstone for me, a sanctuary. In finding Kripalu, I found a place of peace.

I found myself in my mid-50s a total workaholic, overweight, completely unhealthy, lacking in energy and motivation, and suffering from degenerating joints. After MRIs on both knees indicated that I had arthritis, I decided to go to Kripalu. It was a decision that changed my life.

I had first visited Kripalu in the ‘90s, and since then, I’ve returned eight times. With each visit, my stay has lengthened, and each time, my life has changed for the better. I recently went back for The Kripalu Approach to Diet: An Integrative Weight-Loss Program. It reinforced and solidified what I had learned during other Kripalu programs, and I was able to move deeper into healthful food preparation, deeper into my yoga and meditation practice, and deeper into my happiness.

And how it was taught made sense to me: The instructors put the program together in such a way that it wasn’t overwhelming and I could take the information home. Their warmth and support was unparalleled, and their approach so sensible. When I started doing things differently—paying attention and living more consciously—everything changed!

These days, I feel great. My knees work and my back doesn’t ache. I walk taller and my digestive system is in good order. And I’ve lost 35 pounds! I can do things like ride a bike, play tennis, and hike—activities I thought I was done with forever. I have more energy and confidence. Life is good.

Kripalu has been a cornerstone for me, a sanctuary, and a vacation all together. In finding Kripalu, I found a place of peace.

—Lin W., Vieques, Puerto Rico

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