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Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership

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Go outside. Go within.

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown,
for going out, I found, was really going in.

—John Muir, John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir

Spending time in nature can be a powerful antidote to the stress of modern living. In recent years a growing body of evidence has proven what many naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, poets, and indigenous cultures have long known: the great outdoors is profoundly good for us on all levels.

The Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership is an exciting new branch of the Kripalu Schools. This training—which combines forest bathing, yoga, Ayurveda, outdoor skills, and an overview of relevant research on nature’s health benefits—is taught in two convenient 9-day modules and is designed for those who are called to share nature’s gifts by integrating their love of the outdoors with mindfulness.

Now, more than ever, Mother Nature needs us to honor, value, and protect her. As Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guides, we can be powerful catalysts for strengthening our and our clients’ bond with nature and, in doing so, improve the chances that our communities will steward the natural systems we all depend upon for our health and well-being.  

The program currently consists of two modules, Level 1 Certification: Forest Community and Level 2 Certification: Aligning with Nature. Each module of this training is a fun-filled, hands-on adventure that provides you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to safely and expertly guide others as they experience the healing power of the natural world. Students receive a badge and certificate for each level completed.

Potential Continuing Education for Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guides in Coordination with R&R and Mass Audubon:

  • Animal Signs
  • Winter Trees

Please note All hours of Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership training also count toward Kripalu’s 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Level 1 Certification | 9-Day Program

Forest Community

Learn the basics of nature connection and building community, including

  • Forest Bathing Fundamentals
  • Nature Meditation and Observation
  • Group Facilitation and Council Practice
  • Efficacy of Nature Therapy: Evidence
  • Animal Connection: Level 1
  • Birthing Fire: Level 1
  • Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Home Project: Investigate opportunities to help connect people with nature in your community. 

As a Level 1 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, you gain the skills to lead individuals and small groups in connecting mindfully with nature. This training is perfect for yoga teachers, outdoor guides and educators, Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga therapists and any educator who is passionate about sharing with others the benefits of being in nature.

Tuition: $1,049.

Save the date! October 26–November 4, 2018
More information coming soon.

Level 2 Certification | 9-Day Program

Aligning with Nature

Deepen your outdoor leadership skills. Level 2 topics include

  • Forest Bathing: Refining the Art of Wandering
  • Using Ayurveda to Align with Nature’s Rhythms and Cycles
  • Nature-Based Meditations
  • Whittling and Basic Tool Safety  
  • Birthing Fire Level 2:  Bow-Drill Technique
  • Animal Connection: Level 2
  • Sheltering
  • Gathering
  • Personal Project Presentation

As a Level 2 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, you develop the skills to take your outdoor leadership to the next level by working with forest bathing, nature-based meditations, Ayurvedic theory, and advanced outdoor skills to safely deepen and broaden nature’s impact on those you are leading.