Cooking Tips, Wisdom, and Recipes from Kripalu's Culinary Ambassador

The Yoga of ‘Chopped’

Kripalu faculty Jeremy Smith was the first-ever 'Chopped' competitor from a yoga center.

The One Knife Everyone Needs, Plus More Chopping Tips from Jeremy Rock Smith

Learn the most fundamental skills and tools for every kitchen.

Behind the Scenes in the Kripalu Kitchen

Take a guided tour and find out where all the magic happens!

Seven Tips for Better Baking from Kripalu’s Culinary Ambassador

When it comes to baking, says Jeremy, you can’t rush it and you can’t control everything.

The Yoga of Cooking

As with yoga, there are guidelines for cooking, but we each choose the style that fits us best.

How to Bring Side Dishes to Center Stage on Your Table

But when we bring sides to center stage, we eat more vegetables.

September 27–September 29

Speed Cuisine

Jeremy Rock Smith

On Campus Program

An Excerpt from Our New Kripalu Kitchen Cookbook

Dozens of holistic wellness strategies and 115 deeply satisfying recipes.