How to Be Happier at Work

Yoga and mindfulness aren't just for the mat and meditation cushion. Browse articles and videos on how to bring more of both into your work life.

Can Stress Be Good for Us?

There's another side to the story behind stress that's been largely lost along the way—and it's one that might not only change how we think...

Aaron L.

A New York City cop learns new skills in a Kripalu RISE program.

The Ayurvedic Office

Infusing some simple Ayurvedic practices into the office setting can bring us closer to nature and boost our energy, productivity, and wellness.

Sep 06, 2020

How Mindfulness Can Make Us Happier and More Effective at Work

In a country where 66 percent of us find our work unmotivating, what can we do to give ourselves a fighting chance at working in a way that’s engaging and...

Mar 07, 2022

We Need to Talk About Stress and Mental Health at Work

We can’t afford to let the seconds keep ticking away on this conversation. A full 80 percent of American workers feel regular stress on the job, and half of...

Tools for Transforming Workplace Stress

We all get angry and frustrated at work sometimes. So what does a healthy response to workplace stress look like?

Sitting and Stretching: Your Back Will Thank You

Do you sit at a desk all day? Enjoy a stretch for opening your hips and nurturing your lower back.

3 Exercises to Do at Your Desk Every Day

Daily practice releases the tension of driving, typing, scrolling, and swiping.

Easy Mindfulness Breaks

On days when life doesn’t make it easy to take time for meditation, you can inject mindfulness into your life in small doses, says meditation teacher Barry...

Raising the Bar for Well-Being: How One Lawyer Found More Happiness at Work

Statistics on lawyer well-being may lead attorneys to believe that practicing law excludes them from living a vibrant, balanced life. But that's not...

Transforming Workplace Cultures with RISE

When you work at an organization dedicated to supporting those in need, the ability to draw on yoga-based techniques can have a profound effect on your day...

How to Use Your Strengths to Navigate Transitions in the Workplace

How you welcome a new hire or say goodbye to an employee sets the tone for relationships at work. These major transitions highlight your values as an...

Seven Steps to Cultivating Mindful Relationships in the Workplace

How can we foster less conflict with supervisors and coworkers? Self-awareness is key, and so is breath awareness.

Could Mindfulness Be the Cure for Burnout Among Healthcare Providers?

Healthcare professionals, who spend their days dealing with the stresses of their patients, have their own stresses that are often overlooked. Can...

3 Things to Do at Work Instead of Talking About Politics

If you've seen a surge in the presence of politics at your workplace, you're not alone. And if it's wearing you down, you're not alone...

The Joy of Being a Corporate Yogini

We are each a grab bag of different roles ever in motion: parent, friend, sibling, teacher, student, coach, dreamer, do-er. And sometimes those roles run in...

Nine Ways to Be Like a Shaman at Work

Here are some lessons learned from shamans that can be applied to your everyday life at work.