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Gift Certificates

Make someone happy.

Health. Fulfillment. Relaxation. A Kripalu gift certificate is a doorway to these gifts, a profound way to show your appreciation for someone special (and a wonderful item to add to your own wish list as well).

Kripalu gift certificates can be used for day visits, R&R retreats, programs, and Healing Arts. They arrive via e-mail with links to our online catalog and Kripalu Healing Arts offerings.  A few gift ideas starting at:

$80* for a Healing Arts service, such as a Kripalu Meditative Massage, energy work, or other Healing Arts offerings. We also offer special day packages that include multiple treatments and full use of the sauna.

$440* for a weekend of Kripalu R&R Retreat (shared room, hall bath)

$490–1,100* for a weekend program (and maybe a massage)

You choose the amount, they choose the experience.

Please call us to discuss options and to order: 866.200.5203 (select “1” in the phone menu)

*Actual prices will depend on personal choices. 


Top 10 Reasons to Give a Kripalu Gift Certificate

  1. Stress relief
  2. Your loved one needs it
  3. It comes with sauna
  4. Minimal gift wrapping required
  5. He’ll never get one for himself
  6. She loves that kind of thing
  7. It says you care
  8. One size fits all
  9. It’s the best destination in the Berkshires
  10. It’s easy—just call 866.200.5203 (select "1" in the phone menu)