Arthur G.

Recipe for Health: How Opening Up to New Eating Habits Opened a Whole New World
To say that my life is changed would be an enormous understatement, and I can’t overstate my gratitude.

I first heard about Kripalu at my yoga studio. It was discussed by teachers and students in reverential tones. They said the food was incredible and the setting was breathtaking. I was intrigued about a place where yoga was a central daily component, and where mindful living was practiced. By the time I visited Kripalu, my yoga practice had bloomed and I had moved beyond simply exploring yoga to a deeper journey of self-discovery. At Kripalu, I was able to get close enough to myself to learn what I really needed. (I also found out everyone was right about the food!)

I’ve now done several programs; each has brought me that much closer to the person I would like to be. To make some nutritional changes, I recently attended The Mindful Table: A Kripalu Nutrition and Cooking Immersion. The world-class staff shared the latest in nutritional information, making it totally relevant to my life by showing me how to effectively integrate their ideas.

We all think we know how to breathe—and then we discover yoga. Well, I thought I knew how to eat, until I took this program. The teachers presented simple and practical nutritional knowledge over the week, and expert cooking demonstrations brought it all together. There weren’t any tricks or special equipment; with a decent knife and a cutting board, I could improve my health.

Their lessons allowed me to completely revamp the food I eat, the way I cook it, the tools I use to prepare it, and the ways I buy it. Learning about anti-inflammatory foods and spices in particular has significantly reduced the arthritis pain I’ve felt for decades, despite cortisone injections and heavy-duty narcotics. I entered the program with a vague hope of “feeling better” and maybe losing some weight. What I gained was a whole new relationship with food—along with improved energy, strength, and mental clarity.

My personal story is still evolving. My yoga practice continues to call me to the mat, I continue to eat healthfully, and, without really trying, 30 pounds have disappeared. And after years of careless eating and a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, I’ve reversed my steadily increasing blood pressure and cholesterol. To say that my life is changed would be an enormous understatement, and I can’t overstate my gratitude for that moment when I heard the word “Kripalu.”

—Arthur G., Sudbury, Massachusetts

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