Carrie Ann B.

The teachers were truly amazing—passionate, inspiring, engaging, and genuine.

I work in intensive care, and it’s intense.

A few years ago, I had terrible sleeping and eating patterns and was caught up in the distractions, stressors, and pressures of life. I knew that I needed to stop the subtle downward spiral or my health would definitely get worse in the future.

I came across a Kripalu write-up while traveling in the Middle East, where I was beginning to discover the role of nutrition in healing and take an integrated mind-body-spirit approach to my health and my life. I eventually came for an R&R retreat, which inspired me to come back for the The Mindful Table: A Kripalu Nutrition and Cooking Immersion.

The program was excellent. The teachers were truly amazing—passionate, inspiring, engaging, and genuine. They walk their talk. They emphasized the importance of trusting your body and listening to its wisdom, and really encouraged me to continue to follow my own unique path. Through the lectures and cooking sessions, I began to have more respect for the earth, the environment, the farmers, soil, plants, and animals that supply the food. I learned the value of a daily nutritional breakfast and snacks, how to choose healthful and nutrient-dense whole foods and the best ways to cook them.

From the ridiculously delicious food and yoga, to the grounds, trails, lake, and people, I’d be hard pressed to think of a safer and more nurturing environment. I spent an extra week after the nutrition course in R&R and took Kripalu Yoga classes every day. I find Kripalu Yoga a compassionate, accepting kind of yoga. During those two weeks, I discovered a deeper patience with the questions in my life and developed more faith that the answers would come in their own time.

By the time I left, I was excited about life again. Since then, I went down to part-time at work and I rarely work night shifts anymore. I’ve rallied a group of friends to start getting together for regular cooking nights where we can share food, recipes, and company—and I’m finally enrolled in college part-time for a diploma in holistic nutritional consulting. I also make time to reflect, practice yoga, get out in nature, and exercise regularly. I found a great little yoga studio down the street from me, and some of my coworkers asked me to teach them, so I’m now sharing my yoga with them.

I had hopes that my time at Kripalu would help me find the space to recharge my batteries, regain my perspective, help me to learn and grow, and reignite my passions. And it did. I feel well.

—Carrie Ann B., respiratory therapist and holistic nutrition consultant, Vancouver, British Columbia