Patrice F.

My entire well-being has been affected by yoga and Kripalu.

I’ve lived in the Berkshires for 18 years and am originally from New Jersey. I have my master’s in education and have been studying the Italian language for many years. I also play the piano. In my younger days, I was on the track team, performed as a dancer in plays, and loved ice skating. I have an athletic spirit.

Like Ted Kennedy, Jr., I developed cancer and lost my leg. Then, when my daughter left for college, I had some free time and a void in my life. I also suffered from insomnia. I had done a little yoga over the years, but my first “real” experience of yoga was in February of 2000.

I’d had lunch at Kripalu and remembered how good the food was, so I decided to see what they had to offer with yoga. From then on, there was no looking back. I discovered the BKC (Berkshire Kripalu Community) for people who live within 50 miles of Kripalu. Now I can enjoy some of the guest activities like yoga, Kripalu YogaDance®, and the sauna and hot tub.

I took gentle yoga for about a year, and went on to moderate yoga, modifying postures. I even tried hot vigorous yoga. As I get older, I realize it’s important to take better care of myself. I am more high maintenance as I age. I am appreciative of the benefits received with Kripalu Yoga and committing to a lifestyle change.

I have osteoporosis, but my back is 11 percent stronger since yoga. I’m getting more disciplined and committed to walking. My quality of sleep has been much better. My muscle tone and energy are better, and I’m able to get through things I couldn’t before my yoga practice.

I’m grateful to be alive. I feel spiritually centered, and I’m hoping to continue with all of this. I like to finish what I start. If my story can motivate someone to action and doing yoga, that’s great! I’m happy when I can impel or spur someone on. My entire well-being has been affected by yoga and Kripalu. I’m thankful for a place like Kripalu.


—Patrice F., painter, reading specialist, and former high school teacher, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

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