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Harvesting the Energy of Trees with Qigong


There is something silent, mystical, and magical about the forest. When we enter the woods and walk among trees, we enter another world—a place where we not only feel safe and comfortable, but also healed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Those giants that we walk among are powerhouses of life-supporting gifts.

Join certified qigong instructors John Platt, Mary Platt, and Cris Caivano for a program that invites you to explore ways to tap into this incredible power source.

Through qigong, mindfulness, and more, you will:

  • Learn postures, breathwork, and other techniques in a Five Element qigong practice.
  • Understand how the energy in specific trees can benefit different organs and emotions.
  • Identify the right trees for greater energy, emotional balance, and inner peace. 
  • Breathe the air of trees—an ancient Taoist instruction.

Step into the forest and experience a world of beauty and inner peace.  

Recommended reading  John C. Platt and Mary Platt, The Five Element Orchard: QiGong Practices for Harvesting Energy from Trees

NOTE Please bring layers for outdoor activities in wooded areas. 

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Nature and the Outdoors


John C. Platt holds a teacher certification from the Santa Cruz Chi Center and a Level III Advanced Instructor Certification from the National Qigong Association.

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Mary Platt, EYT 500, is a nationally certified yoga instructor, yoga therapist, and qigong instructor, and the coauthor of The Five Element Orchard: QiGong Techniques for Harvesting Energy from Trees.

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Cris Caivano, MA, is an exercise and movement therapist, certified qigong instructor, and author of Strength Training: Staying Fit and Fabulous.

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