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Healing the Wounds of Ancestral, Past, and Parallel Lives

For everyone.

Current scientific research shows what mystics and shamans have known for centuries: that we inherit the wounds of our ancestors. In fact, “tendencies” in our DNA can go as far back as seven generations! The power of these ancestral wounds requires honor and attention; some may even require healing in order for us to step into this lifetime’s potential. WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE
• Shamanic journeying and deep meditation
• Connection with Ancestor Spirits
• Work with past and parallel lives

Through deep meditation, shamanic journeying, movement, art, and working with the power of the natural world, Dory Cote shows you new ways to heal yourself and others of these ancestral wounds. Now you can finally vanquish past-life energies and traumas that have blocked or interfered with you in this lifetime.

Dory also delves into the concept of simultaneous or parallel lives. Explore this little-known energy, develop the means to identify if you have a parallel life, and learn how to merge the positive qualities of this parallel life with the life of which you are currently aware.

Recommended reading Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, Awakening to the Spirit World.

Note Comfortable clothing suggested, as well as appropriate clothing for an outdoor fire ceremony. Download more information about what to bring.

“Dory Cote is a brilliant shamanic teacher and healer. She is a clear, compassionate communicator, and truly connected with spirit. Participants who study with her will receive a true foundation of the work that they seek to learn.” —Sandra Ingerman, author and internationally renowned shaman

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Dory Cote, a nationally known shamanic teacher and practitioner, has been teaching shamanic healing ceremonies at venues throughout the Unites States for 20 years.

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