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This Next Breath: Modern Practice, Ancient Tradition

For all levels.

“Breath practices are the soul of yoga. It is yoga itself.” —Swami Kripalu

Breath touches every part of your life, every moment of awareness animating body, mind, and beyond. Spiritual traditions and ideas may vary, but every living being participates in this next breath. For centuries, yogis have venerated the breath as Spirit itself, moving and manifesting in this world. WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE
  • Breath Meditation
  • Simple postures
  • Absolute joy

Developed by Tom Gillette, This Next Breath is an accessible 25-minute daily practice that includes breath meditations and simple postures. Come gain an understanding of the rationale behind these powerful breathing techniques with Tom, who guides you step by step through a weekend of breathing, introspection, and epiphanies. Even if you are a yoga teacher or have had a breath practice for years, you’ll open up to a world of new possibilities.

Return home feeling refreshed, joyous, and ready to bring This Next Breath into your daily life.

Recommended reading B. K. S. Iyengar, Light on Pranayama; Andre van Lysbeth, Pranayama; Swami Kripalu, Science of Meditation; and Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomy.

Note Tuition includes a manual outlining the sequence, simple descriptions of each practice, and critical alignments and inspirational maxims for success. Wear comfortable, relaxed yoga clothing.

Tom’s teaching style includes humor, intelligence, and strong connection with students, and his classes offer many opportunities for body and mind transformation. His breath-centered practices create mindfulness, connection with universal consciousness, and feelings of calm and ease. —Geoff T., yoga teacher

So simple yet powerful … I now have a deeper awareness of my breath and my mind feels more spacious. [Tom’s] pearls of wisdom are very encouraging, and they give me hope of one day having an advance practice. —Sally C.

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This Next Breath: Modern Practice, Ancient Tradition


Tom Gillette, known for his wealth of experience and lighthearted depth, is creator of the online course This Next Breath and author of Sayings of the Breath.

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