Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is a transformational coach who uses the power of storytelling and embodiment to lead women toward transformation and self-healing. She teaches women to embrace their inner divine feminine in all her textures—from fierce rage to soft tenderness—and to share their stories vulnerably, without shame, through the power of voice, breathwork, and daily practice. Alexandra works with clients one on one online and in Los Angeles and leads retreats around the world. She is the author of How to Heal Your Sh*t and F*ck Like a Goddess.

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  • Transforming Pain Into Passion and Purpose

    Alexandra Roxo shares how her pain has propelled her towards her work. She would never trade anything for those life experiences, she says—even though they have been difficult and even though they flare up daily.

  • Getting Real

    As an idealist, Alexandra Roxo has always looked for the best in situations and in people, she writes. But, in countless moments, her idealism has gotten her into trouble.

  • Five Ways to Work with Love's Medicine

    When Love becomes a skill and a medicine, you and your Lover can be in a constant state of divine communion, and one glance feels like 1,000 gourmet raw chocolates for your soul.

  • Why Women Trigger Each Other and How We Can Stop Doing It

    As women, we have been taught to compare ourselves to other women from the day we were born, says Alexandra Roxo. But we can change that pattern.

  • How Yoga Supports Women's Empowerment

    Kripalu CEO Barbara Vacarr sat down with four Women’s Week presenters to discuss what "the revolution within" means to each of them, and why gathering together is so important.

  • Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: A Conversation with Alexandra Roxo

    To fully embrace our power as women, says Kripalu presenter Alexandra Roxo, we need to reclaim the divinity that is simply part of who we are.