Transforming Pain Into Passion and Purpose

When I scroll through my Instagram feed, I often forget that the people I am experiencing are full of wounds, traumas, and deep pains. These things aren’t really “cool” to share, right? We usually don’t want to get too dark or heavy or “negative” or be a downer.

But my pain and traumas have been my greatest teachers and still are, and I refuse to cut them out of my public picture.

You can be a joyful person and still be a person with deep, deep wounds. You can be beautiful and also have gone through hideous traumas.

The deeper the sorrow we have experienced, we get to experience that same level of joy and beauty. My pain has propelled me towards my work, and I would never trade anything for those life experiences—even though they have been difficult and even though they flare up daily.

How can you transform the unspeakables, the not-Instagram-friendly things—self-hatred, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual traumas, financial traumas ... into passion for your purpose?

It starts with acceptance. Healing. A courageous heart. Breath. The release of shame.

I accept that my wounds flare up still. I accept that they are a part of me. But I don’t let them eat me alive. I honor that they brought me to this moment.

And if I feel that the traumas and old stuff are eating me alive, I meditate. I chant. I call a friend. I seek community. I seek nature. I go do something good for someone else. And I channel my pain into passion for my purpose.

Because of what I have been through on my own journey, I work with women who want to find their voices, heal sexual traumas, and shine like a 10,000-watt beam of light in the world, unafraid to be seen, to be successful, and to be their unique selves.

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Alexandra Roxo is a transformational coach who uses the power of storytelling and embodiment to lead women toward transformation and self-healing.

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