Claude Stein


Claude Stein, multi-platinum-award-winning voice coach, has 38 years of experience blending psychology and vocal training. He has coached at the Juilliard School, the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University, and many premiere learning centers. Claude's clients include artists on labels such as Atlantic, Warner Bros., and RCA Records. He specializes in helping beginners find their voice and is also active in the corporate sector, coaching authenticity and leadership development for Fortune-200 companies. 

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  • The Power of Natural Singing

    Every human being is born with the capacity to sing in a way that aligns their inner and outer messages and frees the soul. Yet most of us don’t take advantage of the instrument we are born with.

  • The Science of Singing

    Turns out that opening your mouth and letting your voice ring out can catalyze a whole range of physical and emotional benefits.

  • Building the Courage to Be Heard, Whether You’re In Tune or Out

    There’s something about singing that is particularly scary and truly soul-revealing, says Claude Stein. “We’re showing our whole self, our deeper self,” he says.

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