Ellen Barrett

Ellen Barrett is a women’s wellness expert, known worldwide as the creator of best-selling DVD workouts, including Prevention magazine’s Flat Belly Diet series. She holds a master’s in education from Syracuse University and is a certified holistic health coach. Ellen starred in FIT TV’s long-running show, All Star Workouts, and serves on the health advisory board for Family Circle magazine. She has written four books, including The 28 Days Lighter Diet.

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  • Move Like a Banshee

    We know exercise is good for us. But what you may not know is that there are two kinds of exercise: formal and informal.

  • Tapping Into Intuition for Your Fitness and Wellness

    When you apply your intuition to making fitness, diet, and lifestyle choices, you stop relying on experts or best-selling diet books, and start trusting your body and your truest self.