Karen Mozes

Karen Mozes is a successful entrepreneur, executive and life coach, and leadership expert. She brings to the world of transformational coaching, writing, and public speaking her many years of dedicated studies and application in the fields of science, Eastern philosophy, teaching, and yoga. With several years of work experience in the corporate world and then as a principal at a sustainability consulting firm, Karen is uniquely suited to coach in business management, communication techniques, and team leadership. Karen has created and successfully applied her own coaching programs, the Cinco Method (for entrepreneurs) and Team Climate Change (for design teams) across a wide range of sectors and company sizes.

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  • The Art of Heart-Centered Yoga Sales

    Karen Mozes and Justin Michael Williams have heard from yoga teachers, from all walks of life and all levels of experience, that selling, no matter how much of it they do, is uncomfortable at best and truly terrifying at times.