The Art of Heart-Centered Yoga Sales

by Karen Mozes and Justin Michael Williams

Do you have a Fear of Selling? You’re not alone! We’ve heard from yoga teachers, from all walks of life and all levels of experience, that selling, no matter how much of it they do, is uncomfortable at best and truly terrifying at times.

So how do we make our offerings without the compulsion to get sick every time we sell? First, we must accept that selling, like most skills, is something that must be practiced. It’s a talent that is honed over time, and like strengthening a muscle you have to train and work at it. But even before we get to practicing sales, the first step is to shift how we consider sales. Selling will always make you feel extremely anxious and insecure if you make the sale about yourself. However, if you can shift your thinking, and make the sale about the possibilities and results on the other side, then selling becomes like a life’s calling, just like the teaching itself.

Let’s go deeper. If you are speaking to a student who is in doubt about signing up for your program, but you can see from your vantage point the clear benefits they would receive, then not making the offering would be like withholding a potential cure to a disease. If you present all of the beneficial possibilities, then the fear gives way to vision, and you are no longer “selling,” you are offering a solution and speaking to your program’s proven results.

It’s all about building trust. We are more likely to buy a service/product/program when we feel that we are being cared for personally; we trust the seller. Put the potential student’s journey before everything else and you’ll build a rapport, and thus the process of selling becomes more like a conversation. But this conversation has some required elements to it, and we have the proven techniques that will make your conversations powerful, purposeful, and effective. Our short video will walk you through three of the most important steps, and soon you will find that selling can be just as healing to you and your students as the practice of yoga itself.

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