Lama Migmar Tseten

Lama Migmar Tseten has served as Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University since 1997. He received both a traditional and a contemporary education in India, graduating from Tibetan Institute of Sanskrit University in Varanasi. He served as the head of Sakya Center in Rajpur, India, and the Sakya Monastery in Puruwalla. Lama Migmar has supervised the editing and publication of more than 50 rare volumes of Sakya literature and is author of many books, including Awakening to the Noble Truth, The Play of Mahamudra, and The Tibetan Book of Awakening. Founder of Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lama Migmar leads retreats throughout North America and Europe.

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  • Meditation for Awakening to the Noble Truth of Suffering

    Through gradually training our minds to remain focused on one object of meditation for a period of time, we start to familiarize ourselves with the underlying thought patterns and emotions that cause so much restlessness and suffering in our lives.

  • How to See with Your Third Eye

    Through the training of wisdom, we can begin to see clearly and completely, in a way that we have never seen before, says Kripalu presenter Lama Migmar Tseten.

  • Healing Chöd: Do Nothing, Feel Everything

    Healing Chöd is a sacred ceremony that helps us release illness, suffering, and karmic obstacles to allow spiritual growth.