Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher and empathic healer who has become an Internet sensation thanks to his transformational and often humorous videos. He is author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That; The Universe Always Has a Plan; and Everything Is Here To Help You, which was recently featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Matt was listed as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World in 2020 by Watkins Magazine. His YouTube channel has drawn more than 16 million views, helping people find the support they seek to feel more loved, awakened, and open to life’s greatest possibilities.

“Matt has been a wonderful guide for me and has helped me be at peace with myself after many, many years of self-berating. I finally feel a way out of the muck, and I'm truly grateful. Even after a lifetime of learning, growing, teaching, and counseling, my time with Matt and his videos has opened up new worlds for me, and brought more clarity, vision, and comfort with the unknown.” —Laurie, Past Participant

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  • The Foundations of Self-Love

    Love is an unwavering depth of compassion and empathy that reaches inward to embrace our experiences—no matter how mixed up, shut down, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed we are.