Miranda Esmonde-White

Miranda Esmonde-White is an acknowledged fitness expert with more than 25 years in the industry and one of North America’s greatest educators on healthy aging. Following her career as a professional ballerina, she became a New York Times best-selling author of two books, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless. Miranda also developed her own fitness technique, Essentrics®, and created Classical Stretch, a top-ranking fitness show on PBS.

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    Fitness expert Miranda Esmonde-White shares an energy-stimulating routine focused on mobility of the lower limbs.

  • Strengthening Exercises to Combat Aging

    Kripalu presenter Miranda Esmonde-White says that most fitness programs give short shrift to a critical aspect of the development of healthy, strong muscles—eccentric exercise.

  • How to Age Backwards

    Miranda Esmonde-White, creator of Essentrics, says that not only can we slow the aging process through physical exercise, we can reverse it.