Natasha Rizopoulos

Natasha Rizopoulos is a senior teacher at Down Under Yoga in Boston, where she offers classes and leads 200- and 300-hour teacher training programs. Through her travels and work with Yoga Journal, she is known world-wide for her ability to communicate the essence of sophisticated yoga postures and ideas in ways that have a transformative effect on one’s understanding of yoga. A dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner for many years, Natasha is equally captivated by the precision of Iyengar Yoga. These two traditions inform her teaching, creating a dynamic and alignment-based system of vinyasa flow.

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  • Why We All Need to Do Savasana

    As a new yoga student, Natasha Rizopoulos was told that Savasana was considered one of the most important and difficult of the postures, and she distinctly recalls rolling her eyes.

  • Asana: The Big Picture

    What Natasha Rizopoulos loves most about asana is the way in which it consistently and quietly teaches us about ourselves and our relationship to the world.

  • How I Learned to Sit

    When Natasha Rizopoulos first began practicing yoga, she was completely convinced that she was the one person on earth who was actually incapable of meditation.