Robert Peng

Robert Peng, internationally renowned qigong master and teacher, has trained hundreds of thousands of students in workshops at Yale University Medical School, West Point Military Academy, J. P. Morgan, Omega Institute, the New York Open Center, Integrative Healthcare Symposium, and more. At a think tank of the Chinese central government in Hainan, he provided qigong treatments for many high officials and VIPs. From the age of 8, he studied and practiced with Master Xiao Yao, a monk who lived as a hermit during the Cultural Revolution. As part of Robert’s practices, Xiao Yao guided him in a 100-day water-fast meditation in a dark chamber to purify his spiritual healing power.

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  • The World Mirrors Your Heart

    Robert Peng shares a Buddhist teaching story that sheds light on the understanding that how we see the world is a reflection of who we are.

  • The Dance of Energy: How Qigong and Tai Chi Support Health and Wellness

    When we meet someone we really like, we might exclaim, “She has great energy.” When someone is on the mend after being ill, we often announce, “His energy is better.” We throw that word around, but many of us couldn’t define it clearly if asked.