Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers began teaching in 1987. She is the founder and author of Insight Yoga, which interweaves the insights and practices of yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and transpersonal psychology into one integral practice. Her yoga style combines a Yin sequence of floor poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, with an alignment-based slow flow, or Yang, practice, influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and qigong. Sarah draws from her studies in transpersonal psychology as well as her in-depth training in the vipassana, tantric, and Dzogchen practices of Buddhism. Sarah and her husband, Ty Powers, live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have created the Insight Yoga Institute, which offers 500+-hour trainings with other renowned teachers.


  • Powers and Purpose

    There comes a time in every yoga teacher’s life when he looks down at the mat before him and asks, “Is this all there is?” His passion for yoga and teaching...